Cx500- Gl500 2 in 1 exhaust

Cx500- Gl500 2 in 1 exhaust

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Honda cx500-gl500, cx650-gl650 2 into 1 exhaust with reverse cone muffler


-2 into 1 regular steel exhaust wrapped in fiberglass(white,beige,black,titanium,red or black).Please specify which color at checkout
-Stainless steel reverse cone muffler with spring
-Choose from the CNC aluminum flanges or the black modified oem ones when you check out


This exhaust will fit:

-all 1978-1982 Honda CX500 Custom Deluxe Standard versions. 

-all Honda GL500 

-all Honda CX650-GL650

-most Honda cx500's and gl500's outside us including the Honda cx500E. Send us an email to double check before ordering if not sure. 


Please send us an email with the model of the bike you will be using the exhaust for.

Please allow 2 weeks for this exhaust to be shipped out.


No customs charges will have to be paid in your country.Since the package is shipped at less than 200$ value-most countries wont charge any taxes at all, and those that do will be a small amount based on this value.