Cx500-GL500-Cx650 engine rebuild

Cx500-GL500-Cx650 engine rebuild

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Engine rebuild service for Honda cx500-gl500-cx650. You will have to ship the engine to the shop here in Indiana-46373. This service is the same we do on all the builds.It can be had with or without the paint. 

-Full rebuild with a triple bypass performed.
New Rick’s stator
New mechanical seal and back oil seal
New cam chain

-Stainless steel bolts 

-All gaskets will be replaced with new one

Paint can be added as well for an extra 1000$. This is very high quality automotive high heat primer,base and clear coat that will not peel or smudge when gasoline or other chemicals are poured over it. Aluminium polished accents thru the engine as pictured

If the engine will be painted add another week for delivery.


It will take a few weeks to have it done.