Honda Cx500 basic bobber build-8000$.

Honda Cx500 basic bobber build-8000$.

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Honda cx500 bobber starter build-8000$


The 500$ is to reserve a build and will be applied to the full balance. 


This is our entry level build and will get you a cx500 just like the one in the pictures in your own color scheme. 


Engine and Fuel components

  • Engine is opened and rebuilt using new front and rear cover gaskets,new clutch-water pump-camshaft- CDI pulser gaskets
  • New clutch discs and springs
  • A triple bypass is performed-new stator and new cam chain
  • New o-rings thru the cooling system
  • New NGK Iridium spark plugs
  • New Stainless bolts
  • Carburetors will be rebuilt. A new set of Mikuni carbs are highly recomended(550$ extra) 
  • New air filters



  • The frame will be modified to fit the BBCR CNC seat .
  • New CNC aluminum seat frame for the mono shock conversion
  • The swing arm will take new mounts for the mono shock
  • A new rear fender will be built into the swing arm- top half to protect the rider and the bottom half to protect the battery tray under the engine from water and debris.
  • Custom Front fender
  • All the frame components will be blasted,primed and painted with professional automotive base and clear coat


Suspension and brake system

  • The front suspension will be rebuilt.The forks will be disassembled and new oil/dust seals used.New 10w or 15w oil. New shims to stiffen the forks
  • Showa rear mono shock
  • Rear differential will be rebuilt with new oil and grease
  • New brake master cylinder with new braided brake line 
  • The front caliper will be rebuilt with new piston and seals,as well with new oil


Paint and powder coat

  • The fuel tank will be stripped and treated inside for rust with Northern Tank liner before it gets painted
  • The frame will be blasted-primed and painted in Black Pearl  with automotive professional paint.The frame holes will be welded and sealed.Center side stand will be removed
  • Both front and rear wheels will be painted to match the bike scheme .They will be rebuilt with new bearings and re-greased
  • The swing arm will be painted in Black Pearl with automotive professional paint
  • The valve covers will be powder coated in black
  • The engine will be taken apart and each cover painted individually in Black Pearl and then clear coated


Electrical and charging system

  • New 4 cell Ballistic Li-ion battery with quick charge hook up
  • 2012 Honda CBR250 right hand control rewired to the cx system
  • 2008 Honda CBR1000 left side control-rewired to the cx system
  • The cx500 wiring will be redone.Shortened or lengthened as needed.All the OEM plugs will be retained
  • Ignition system relocated
  • New stator 
  • New battery tray that mounts under engine
  • 1980 Honda cb750F headlight and housing
  • New LED Brake and Turn signal Tail light
  • New LED front turn signals


Exhaust system

  • New custom exhaust system with a 2 into 2 design
  • Cone Engineering Stainless Mufflers on each side
  • Exhaust wrapped in any color fiberglass and tied with SS ties
  • New custom CNC exhaust flanges



  • ​New Michelin Commander II tires.19''-front and 16'' in-rear



  • ​Both the shifter and rear brake pedal modified to accept the knurled toe pegs
  • Aluminum foot pegs
  • Aluminum license plate
  • Aluminum custom speedometer
  • Braided cloth spark plug wires
  • Oil dipstick Temperature gauge
  • New clutch and brake cables
  • ​New Builtwell hand grips
  • ​Oil and neutral led lights by speedometer


Custom CNC Aluminum parts

  • CNC seat frame with tank raiser and tail light mount
  • CNC exhaust flanges
  • CNC engine name plates
  • CNC knurled toe pegs