Honda cx500 bobber kit

Honda cx500 bobber kit

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Honda cx500 bobber conversion-suspension kit
All you need to transform a 1978-1982 cx500 into a bobber

-CNC aluminum frame with tank raiser(specify if you will be using a custom or deluxe/standard tank)
-Shoulder bolts and appropriate spacers
-Tail light with integrated turn signal mounted to the seat frame
-Bobber seat in black-white-brown
-Shock in silver-blue-red-yellow
-Swingarm mounts included(for you to weld)

At this moment I can't offer the swingarm in the kit- so the only option that's available will be the one with he mounts included for you to weld. 

You can still send me your swingarm- and I will weld them for free. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for this kit to be shipped out.


No customs charges will have to be paid in your country.Since the package is shipped at less than 200$ value-most countries wont charge any taxes at all, and those that do will be a small amount based on this value.